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What is K3 Photography

The Who

Hello I’m Kathy and I run and own K3 Photography in Newcastle NSW.

Retired dancer, choreographer, I broke my leg (literally) and on a plane (yes, it’s true) and drove my husband and friends crazy with pent-up energy until I rekindled my love with photography (insert creative outlet).

The Why

I’m a little obsessed with photography. Not the cameras and lens but its ability to stop time in motion,  its memory-making abilities, its draw-string on emotions,  It’s hard to put into words exactly. 

Each time I look at an old photograph it immediately takes me back to that time and my senses come to life.

My personal photography journal has now transformed into a professional creative outlet and I am able to photograph and create memories for others to enjoy as well.

However, I still love to shoot and capture my own personal moments, and this is how the name K3 came to be.

The What

You see, my other passion is music and for as long as I can remember I have captured live musicians at all the festivals I have attended – Splendour in The Grass being my regular go-to place.  Portraits of people in their elements make for more interesting pictures, don’t you think.

This in turn has led to me working for and providing pictures for events and families.

Then from that I took the leap into weddings which is the most magical place for a photographer to be. Beautiful scenery, dresses, flowers and most of all, emotions – raw and spontaneous.  This is what I love and wait to capture.

The Love

I have three Instagram accounts which highlight my brand.

Please check them out and don’t be afraid to show some love.








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